How the Whole Body Cryotherapy Works?

Ice packs, ice baths, and cold showers have all been widely used to help athletes recover after exertion, and used as treatments to prevent inflammation, reduce fatigue and aid recovery. Cryotherapy uses the concept of cold therapy and takes it one step further emerging the entire body in temperatures that reach as low as -120 to -180 degrees Celsius. While these extreme temperatures are far colder than an ice bath or ice pack, Cryotherapy is a fast-acting treatment that only takes three minutes.

A Long, Cold History

Modern Cryotherapy dates back to the late 70’s when Japanese doctor Toshima Yamauchi began using innovative extreme cold rooms to treat rheumatoid arthritis pain in his patients.

Aside from alleviating the pain associated with arthritis, the doctor discovered that exposure to extreme cold triggers the body’s natural healing mechanisms. When the body’s temperature plunges so quickly the metabolic rate naturally increases in order to produce more heat and protect the core a heightened metabolic rate leads to increased calorie burn as well.

cryotherapy-fat-burn-freeze-torontoAs the temperature in the chamber continues to drop below freezing, cold receptors in the skin send a signal to the brain causing all the blood to rush to the core. As blood is circulated through the lungs and heart, toxins are flushed out and blood becomes enriched with oxygen as well as regenerative enzymes and nutrients.

Now that the goal temperature has been reached the pain and fatigue is lessened, while endorphins are increased.

When the session ends, the oxygen-enriched blood rushes back through the body speeding up the natural recovery process. The metabolic rate and production of collagen are accelerated, while mood, general health, and appearance are all improved as well. In addition to treating overexerted muscles, and aiding in enhancing the metabolism, Cryotherapy is also used as a natural method to combat depression and fatigue.

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