Cryotherapy Benefits for Sport Injuries

Skip the Ice Pack – Cryotherapy for Sports Injuries

cryotherapy-for-sports-injuriesEven though Cryotherapy was first developed to ease the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis it has become an extremely popular injury therapy especially for elite athletes. A quick Google of Cryotherapy and you will see athletes like LeBron James, Floyd Mayweather and Kobe Bryant stepping into the chamber to help encourage a quick whole body recuperation post-game and promote muscle, tendon and joint recovery.

Faster acting than an ice bath, Cryotherapy is an excellent sports injury treatment, especially for athletes who are less likely to take painkillers and other medicinal treatments. Cryotherapy as a sports injury therapy works so well because sports injury is usually accompanied pain and inflammation, an unpleasant but necessary part of the healing process. While the red and white blood cells that flood to the area is vitally important in healing the swelling and inflammation of adjacent cells and tissue can hinder the healing response of the red and white blood cells, as well and create unneeded pressure and subsequent pain.

Reducing swelling and inflammation is only one of the many benefits of Cryotherapy, spending 90 seconds in the nitrogen-infused chamber also improves circulation and promotes the redistribution of fluids that often build-up at the site of an injury. Increased circulation leads to better oxygen absorption and enhanced oxygenation of the blood. Better circulation also works to flush out those built up fluids as well as other toxins leading to a faster, more thorough healing period and accelerating the healing of damaged soft tissue and sore, overworked joints.

Cryotherapy is ideal for treating:

  •  Tennis Elbow
  •  Carpal Tunnel
  •  Golfer’s Elbow
  •  Runner’s knee
  •  Muscle Fatigue
  •  Muscle Strain
  •  Sprained ankles
  •  Tennis Shoulder

Whether you add Cryotherapy to a health recovery program or use it as your only post-game, post-workout therapy this super cool treatment can restore tired, overexerted muscles and joints, reduce inflammation and swelling, increase circulation for faster recovery, enhance energy through boosting metabolic functions and improving your overall mood and mind state three minutes at a time.

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