Cryotherapy for Dogs

Vet Cryo is a high-tech device engineered & manufactured in Finland. The operation of this equipment is based on patented Vortex™ cryogenic cold management and gas circulation technology, which results in safe and even distribution of cold to the entire body of the dog.

 The treatment experience is always effective but at the same time comfortable. Cryotherapy is completely safe and suitable for all breeds and ages.

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Cryotherapy is a non-invasive, fast, and effective treatment that suits dogs of all breeds and ages. It helps in recovering from physical strain, speeds up recovery from injuries and surgeries. It improves the overall mental health, and the condition of the skin and fur. Especially active and competing dogs benefit greatly from improved agility and strength provided by cryotherapy. Life supporting and performance enchancing hormones and enzymes are increased in the body, which has a long lasting beneficial impact on the dogs overall health and well being.

Local cryotherapy has been successfully used for decades to treat chronic arthritis, rheumatic pain, joint inflammations and various skin disorders. WBCT does the same, but is more effective and versatile than local therapy.


Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBCT) is based on controlled thermo-shock on the superficial cells, where the dog’s entire body is in contact with the cryogenic temperature ranging from -120° to -140°C. The Cryo cabin is quickly and safely cooled down to the desired treatment temperature using liquid nitrogen and patented Vortex™ gas circulation technology. Thermo shock on the surface of the skin initiates a “life-preserving survival mechanism” during when skin receptors transmit a SOS message via the central nervous system to the brain. This causes the brain to trigger an emergency command requesting for life-supporting hormones and enzymes. This provides the dog with access to its “natural internal pharmacy”enabling accelerated healing of injuries, illnesses, and recovery from physical strain. After cryotherapy, the surface blood vessels expand and the blood circulation accelerates. At the same time the oxygen levels increase, which in return contributes to the healing of various joint and skin injuries and the recovery of muscles. Cryotherapy also releases endorphins, which have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and muscles. The post treatment state is therefore often called euphoric, calm and positive. Cryotherapy is effective treatment for pain relief, and the anesthetic effect is almost immediate and lasts up to 8 hours after each treatment and sometimes for even longer periods of time. Repeated treatments improve the results and longivity of the benefits.

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