Cryotherapy for Athletic Fitness

Super Charge Your Workout with Cryotherapy

cryotherapy-athelets-torontoNot only is Cryotherapy the most effective post-workout, injury recovery treatment, it is also an athletic fitness enhancer and pre-workout energy booster, leading to better, more impactful workouts that get you the results you want faster.

Whether you opt for a pre-workout boost or post-workout recovery Cryotherapy can bolster the metabolic system, increase energy and promote cellular regeneration.  Cryotherapy is an excellent addition to an already rigorous fitness routine or it is the perfect jump start you need to get you motivated to get out there and workout.

Just 90 seconds in the Cryo Chamber and you have already improved blood flow and circulation, enhanced your metabolism, boosted your immune system, reinvigorated tired and weak muscles and given yourself an overall energy and strength boost.

Another added bonus of cold therapy: Every Cryotherapy session allows you to maximize your calorie burn, an additional 400-700 calories are burned after every cryo treatment.

Discover all the amazing benefits of Cryotherapy today!

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